A Learning Family Building Aspirations and Resilience to Deliver Success

Hull Collaborative Academy Trust

Hull Collaborative Academy Trust (HCAT) is a family of schools in and around Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire as well as North Yorkshire.

We are a Teaching Academy and an Accredited Sponsor, we work with a number of partners to provide the highest quality education for all children within our schools and children in schools we support.

The focus of HCAT is our children and we strive to ensure that every child within the Trust receives outstanding teaching and learning opportunities through collaboration and school improvement.

We are proud that the Trust has been one of the top ten performing multi academy trusts for progress in Reading, Writing and Mathematics in KS2 for the last three years. It was recently benchmarked as the only northern Multi Academy Trust in DFE rankings across Local Authorities and MATs by EPI ( Education Policy institute).


Empowering change makers to create a better world.

Strategic pillars underpin the values for all members of our trust community enabling us to deliver our vision:

  • To challenge and support all HCAT schools to become outstanding

  • To support each individual child to achieve and enjoy

  • To understand and meet the needs of all children and young people in HCAT Schools

  • To work in partnership with children, families and their community to support their learning and development

  • To employ and retain the very best staff to meet the needs of our children – opportunities for all

  • To work Restoratively in everything we do


Promoting community,
Building effective relationships,
ownership of own actions,
resolving conflicts.

HCAT Signature:
Community members;
– feel they belong
– have a voice and influence
– challenge appropriately
– understand fair process
– resolve conflicts
– take responsibility

Developing the ability to think, reason, problem solve and apply learning

HCAT Signature:
Community members;
– are lifelong learners
– have a growth mindset
– can apply knowledge skills and understanding
– are ready for the next stage

Promoting character traits to deal with the challenges of life.

HCAT Signature:
Community members;
– demonstrate the appropriate key character virtues particularly resilience and resourcefulness
– contribute positively to the community
– have a social conscience
– are responsible citizens

Developing the value of self and others, enabling a social and emotional place to learn.

HCAST Signature:
Community members;
– have a strong identity
– are happy and secure
– are able to empathise and care for others
– value self and others

Facilitating a broad range of experience and opportunities to open doors

HCAT Signature:
Community members;
– are able to broaden horizons
– shape their own mindset
– make informed choices
– have equal opportunities

We are a family of fifteen primary schools and one secondary school. If you would like to join the HCAT family – contact us below.