Hull Collaborative Academy Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees, who have ultimate legal accountability for the educational outcomes of the Trust’s schools, as well as setting the Trust’s strategy, financial management, and regulatory compliance.

Governance of the Trust is supported by the linked documents and information below, which includes details about the Trust’s Members and Trustees, Scheme of Delegation, Governance Handbook, financial information, Trust policies and a Register of Interests.

Chair of Trustees

Chris Huscroft

Appointed Chair on 07/12/2021

Chris has worked in the East Riding leading to his appointment as Chief Executive Officer of Edukos Trust.


Name Date Appointed Length of Service Appointed By

Chris Huscroft (Chair)

07/12/2021 4 Years GB/Board
Lisa Cunningham 22/03/2022 4 Years Elected by Parents
Jo Edwards 02/09/2021 4 Years Academy Members
Nathan Greenfield 03/02/2023 4 Years Academy Members
Gemma Jennison 22/03/2022 4 Years Elected by Parents
Paul Lakin 02/09/2021 4 Years Academy Members
Malcolm Mathias 13/11/2019 4 Years Academy Members
Colleen O’Connell 02/09/2021 4 Years Academy Members
Pauline Winn 28/11/2022 4 Years Academy Members
Estelle Macdonald 15/06/2020 4 Years Trust


Name Date of Appointment
Dave Hall 01/03/2018
Chris Huscroft 07/12/2021
Nigel Richardson 12/04/2016
Adrian Storr 12/12/2016
Liz Wilson 01/09/2021

Governance Documentation